Mel Scheidel's 
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About Mel Scheidel

My writing experience below.

I have been writing, critiquing and editing for over a decade now.
I studied through The Institute of Children's Literature and have earned three diplomas.
2006-Writing for Children and Teenagers
2009-Beyond the Basics
2013-Writing and Selling Children's Book

2010-Was awarded a scholarship for the Highlights Conference in Chautauqua, NY. (one week)

I have published over a dozen magazine articles including P2H, (aka) Family, Fish, & Game, Jack and Jill, Once Upon A Time,
I have done  work-for-hire through Tangerine Press (Scholastic Book Fairs) and written over forty short stories and quizzes for ESL Korean students with Dr. Song
I have completed a middle grade novel and am now in the process of getting it published.


Presently-Freelance writer

2013-2014-Circulation desk in public library

Past, 1995-2010 employed though the board of education. I worked 15 yrs. as a Media Tech in an elementary school until the position was eliminated throughout the city.

Stuff you may or may not know about me?

I love being outdoors with nature. (Once I began writing, I found out I actually had an interest in bugs, who would have thought?)   

I once had a pet Betta fish the color of a plum, his name was, Sir Plots A Lots and he liked to be petted.

The two largest fish I've caught so far, a 27 1/2 inch northern pike, and an 18 inch bass.

I have an amazing, talented, and supportive husband, two handsome sons, & one very princessy granddaughter

As a child I was made fun of because I couldn't pronounce my C H s. (FYI-sometimes I still can't)

My first book love was, Charlotte's Webb by E.B. White. This book came to me by way of my fifth grade teacher (Miss Simpson). She read a chapter a day aloud to our class and not a word more, even when we begged. I seriously couldn't wait to get to school to hear what happened next. That's the only thing I remember about her class and fifth grade. I'm sure she taught me many things, but I will always remember  to love the words that make up great stories. This teacher and this book has impacted my life on a grand scale. It is what helped develop the passion I now have for writing. Thank you Miss Simpson, wherever you are!