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Here's a quick peek into Holler's Pond

Holler's Pond, A Camping Novel (middle grade)-sent to publishing houses
Four young teens camp in trailers a short walk away from the puny cottage where the adults stay. Surrounded by woods and water, the kids have no cell phone use, no electric, no flushing toilets or showers. There is no choice except to connect with nature and with each other, or they could just hang with the adults.  

*Alexandria is twelve and has a hard time pleasing her father who (she thinks) always wanted a boy. She has made a vow to be tough and brave and never...ever...scream like a sissy girl, the thing her macho father hates most.
*Sean is fifteen and hates his once close mother for leaving. She left in a cab with a girlfriend. (no forwarding anything) He bully's everyone because of the rumors at school that his mother may be a lesbian. (or is it just cruel talk?)
*Jason is fourteen and is used to camping with Alexandria. They get along fine until there are other boys around.
*Sam is fourteen, and has been home schooled with his five annoying sisters all his life. He recently moved to MI from Nevada. Sam is excited when Jason invites him to go on (what he thinks is a guys trip)a fishing trip with his cousins Sean and Alex. He's not a happy camper when he finds out Alex is a girl, and he ends up being her fishing partner.

Will I Ever Grow Up? - Picture Book-dragonfly nymph and survival (working on final draft)
Below the water’s surface, a cluster of eggs twitched. A storm whirled and blew, whisking away all the eggs except one. The little nymph hatched and sunk deeper into the water. It was dark and she was alone. How would she find food? She was hungry as a shark and that feeling would never go away.


Summer 2014

​I wrote my second book and am presently working on the final draft. This story is one confined within my heart and intertwined with the soul. It's a partial memoir of a life's journey, of the people I love and some strangers that appeared for only one purpose. It's about the magical signs, sensations, and visions that materialized to me at the precise right moment when I needed them to. When I would understand. 

The words on the pages describe my roller-coaster of internal and external emotions and the phenomenal physical, mental, and spiritual expedition I've been experiencing for the past decade or so.

This newly gained knowledge is powerful making it obvious why the synchronicity of these many events happened and how my life has changed because of them. 

My life will never be the same, nor would I want it to be. ​

CBI or Children's Book Insider

​I recently had a professional critique done by Laura Backes of Children's Book Insider. CBI is a website publication to help and inform children's writers of the newest updates and expectations in the field. They are so on top of all the markets, new and out of service, what's needed and what's not.

Laura spoke with me on the phone about my manuscript critique for over thirty minutes. I had emailed her the nymph manuscript three days prior to our arranged call. I can honestly say she was able to rescue me from that box I seemed to be trapped in. She was encouraging and brought back the excitement I needed to rework this story into a publishable piece. I'm so revved to do the revisions.

I've been a member (or a fighting bookworm) for several years and have found CBI's services to be of top quality. They truly want to help their members succeed and are willing to give you their personal attention, whether it is in an email, webinar, on the boards. They offer a beginning writing course which is included in the membership also. Every question I've asked has been answered quickly and has always been helpful.

CBI 's website is filled with a plethora of wonderful information for beginning as well as established writers. Much of it can be viewed without becoming a member and definitely worth checking out. To become a fighting bookworm or sneak a peek at what CBI has to offer click the badge below.

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